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Letter from the CEO

Interested to learn more about Ojai’s business association?

Membership Benefits


I would like to invite you during these tougher times to consider joining 250 other business owners who are part of the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce.  It’s a great group of owners!

As the CEO, I do not operate this Chamber as a traditional “Chamber,” but as a close-knit business association focused on supporting its members and addressing the issues that affect our local Ojai businesses.  This business association gives a sense of “family” to its members.

When I took over the Chamber, business owners wanted better communication about things they needed to know, but were too busy running a business to learn about.  The Chamber regularly communicates to its members information about State and County issues such as the pandemic protocols, loans and grants available, webinars, announcements from the City, etc.

When I took over, the Chamber map was not an effective tool because it relied on numbers on a map referring to businesses listed on the back.  Our new map is a very effective tool now making it easier to navigate.  This map will be widely distributed and cell phone friendly soon.

The Chamber also develops campaigns to support businesses.  The latest campaign “Shop Eat Ojai” is tied to the Chamber’s websiteSame as with the map, this website and the “Visitors” website spotlight our local member businesses.

Another benefit you would receive by being part of this business association would be theBusiness Referral Groupsof business owners (limited) who meet every week with the intention of exchanging business ideas and also providing customer referrals to each other.

The Chamber also develops sales promotions spotlighting participating businesses and their products.  This is either mailed to 3,000 local Ojai homes or appears in the Ojai Valley News.

Regularly, the Chamber hosts mixers where 100+ local business owners meet and exchange ideas with their fellow owners.  During COVID, smaller mixers are being held virtually.

The Chamber has been working with business owners who want to establish online sales by providing them with guidance and giving them additional exposure on the Chamber’s website.

After we get into safer COVID tiers, the Chamber will continue to man itsVisitors Information Table” downtown where the Chamber personally interfaces with visitors giving them advice, directions and hands out the map of businesses and mobile website information.

Membership for the year starts at $295 and during COVID, this can be paid monthly at $100 each month.  If you are interested, please invite me to meet you at your business.  I’d enjoy meeting you and getting to know more about your business and telling you more about the Chamber. Email me:

Jamie Fleming,  CEO,  Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce